URL shortening service terminated!

Several years ago, I started some URL shortening service websites using the PHP programme YOURLS. The initial purpose for my URL shortening service websites were helping myself and my friends to short long URLs to shorter URLs to share to social websites, such as Twitter, Facebook.

However, recently I was reported my URL shortening service websites were used by illegal spammers to shortening their illegal spam websites. I was very regret that my URL shortening service websites were abused by illegal spammers. In this case, I terminated these URL shortening service websites.

I hereby declare that I have no connections to these illegal spammers. My websites were just URL shortening services like Goo.gl, Bitly, and everyone (including illegal spammers) can use it to short URLs free of charge. I apologise that I did not considered about the abuse problem before, so that I did not add any censorship to my website, and I also did not check my URL shortening service database regularly to check whether they were abused. I have already reported to police about the abuse.

In the future, I may reopen these URL shortening service websites, however, make them private URL shortening services instead of public URL shortening services to prevent spammers, so that not everyone will be able to use these services, only myself and my friends. Also sorry about I cannot make the services public any more due to the abuse problem.

Again, I am not the spammer and have no relationships with spammers. My URL shortening service websites were abused, and myself is a victim as well!